2014 MBBS Entrance Ceremony and Launch Ceremony of Overseas Student Union


2014 MBBS Entrance Ceremony and Launch Ceremony of Overseas Student Union 

On Jan 9th, 2014, the entrance ceremony for 2014 batch MBBS students and launch ceremony of overseas student union was held in 104 room of Aili building. Vice Dean Prof. Qi, Vice Chairman Ma Long, vice director of MBBS center Li Qing, all student coordinators, 5 foreign teachers and student representatives attended these two ceremonies which were hosted by Kathy Cheng, the MBBS student coordinator. 

In the entrance ceremony for 2014 batch MBBS students, Vice Dean Qi Zhongquan delivered a welcome speech to the 55 new students and expressed the congratulation and encouragement to them. Then Nepalese teacher Dr. David and senior student Shil Mithun delivered speeches which provided advice to new students on study and life in the university. Next, new students Zeshaan and Aishwarya from India gave brief speeches on behalf of freshmen to express their wish to become a qualified doctor. Finally, all freshmen stood up with hands on the chest and took medical oath after Kathy Cheng. 

The second ceremony was the launch ceremony of Medical College Student Union Overseas Student Branch (MCSU-OSB for short). The secretary of Youth League Committee read out the decision of establishing MCSU-OSB, and then all the college leaders and teachers issued the appointment letter and work certificate to the student leaders in MCSU-OSB. Afterwards, the student leader representatives Akhi, Pema delivered speech about their wish and work plan. Finally, Vice chairman Ma Long made the conclusion speech, he sincerely shared his words with all students and especially emphasized that all MBBS students are an important and special group of students in Xiamen University.

In the end, all students stood and sang the university anthem together with the help of Chinese Pinyin, which strengthened their sense of belonging and honor as students of Xiamen University.

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